Android App Development
BlueSpace Android app developers have a comprehensive approach to app development, which includes analyzing the business requirements, designing the app’s look and feel, optimizing the user experience, and ensuring the application’s functionality.
Android App Development


We utilize the Kotlin programming language in our development process due to its interoperability, code safety, and ability to enhance productivity.


We opt for Java while developing the most customized Android mobile applications, as it allows for greater control and management.


Using the SQLite database, our developers can save important data when developing custom Android mobile applications.

Android Studio

We employ Android Studio, the most frequently used Integrated Development Environment (IDE), for creating customized Android mobile applications.


Our developers can easily create Android applications using the versatile and flexible Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

IntelliJ IDEA

We also use IntelliJ IDEA, a widely recognized and frequently used Integrated Development Environment (IDE), for developing Android mobile applications.
BlueSpace is the perfect partner for reliable and efficient Android app development. Our team of experts is skilled in creating custom Android applications regardless of industry, niche, or business size. We utilize an automated Android app development platform to build once and deploy on all platforms, allowing maximum portability. Additionally, we provide full lifecycle maintenance, including access to OS and security upgrades, customer support, and maintenance. Our Android app development process is automated and pre-tested, so there is no need for additional testing. We also offer real-time content and notification sharing through Android widgets.